Next Generation of Dynamic Legal Certificates

As our civilization steps towards innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Internet of Things, legal practitioners must be ready to tackle new challenges with digital transformation. This requires fundamental rethinking of policies across many different areas (e.g. competition, entrepreneurship, taxation, healthcare, insurance, finance, energy, logistics and intellectual property rights management) and consequently, fundamental reconstruction of traditional legal services. Lawyers and entrepreneurs must first come to terms with the fact that innovation and digital transformation are two unabridged concepts, and then improve their technical understanding, apply extensive research and exercise the ability to foresee change and the regulatory trends.

Shaping the future...

Stelios Americanos & Co. LLC law firm, steps into the future with the provision of Blockchain Share Certificates for corporate clients. This is a pioneering legal project on a global scale, which is addressed, not only to our valuable clients, but also to any businessman, corporate service provider, lawyer and any other professional who wishes to understand the potential of Blockchain technology and experience tangible benefits from its application in his/her daily practice. In addition, the success of this service sets the foundation for applying Blockchain technology to a series of other core company instruments, such as the instrument of transfer of shares and trust deeds, while other legal practices, such as contract law, may soon enter the Blockchain gateway of digitalization and decentralization. The project is run by the Innovation & Blockchain Department of Stelios Americanos & Co. LLC , in association with the Corporate Administration Department of the Law Firm.